Winfield Construction Second Floor Additions

Second Floor Addition

The upper addition on this San Carlos home appears to be a part of the original plans due to the unique design of the roof. We added a second floor, the stairwell (shown below) and an additional room near the garden area.

Winfield Construction Stairway Additions

Stairway Addition

The design of the stairway leading to the second floor addition opened up the area and gave the entry natural light and a roomier feeling.

Winfield Construction Garden Area Room Additions

Garden Area Room Addition

Our clients wanted an sanctuary that would bring the peaceful garden setting into the inner room. The exterior design of the addition blends with the roofline creating beauty from every angle, inside or out.

Interior of Room Addition

Inner Sanctuary

Inside is as calming and peaceful as the garden. The beauty of the room is enhanced by the carved wooden posts at corner angles, and the niche was custom built for the display of the specific objects.

Wall of Stone Addition

Stone Wall

The creation of the stone wall adds richness and texture to the interior of the room and makes a focal point for the fireplace.